• Governments

    Trutech’s solutions for governments provide easy-to-manage web presence for government organizations. Our platform can support millions of users simultaneously. We can take complex workflows completely online within a short period of time and provide comprehensive training and support for users.

  • Corporates

    Trutech’s Business solutions span document management, HR management, Accounting, CRM, Email and SMS communication, and integration with social media platforms for promotion. Also provides tools to manage dynamic website and build customized mobile phone apps. We also conduct corporate training for technical and soft skills such as in Excel, Digital protocol, Business communication, Interpersonal relationships etc.

  • Educations

    Our innovative solutions for schools and colleges provides institutes with an online platform which connects every student, teacher and parent to the institute. Our cost effective features include online admissions, attendance, notes, tests, SMS and email, surveys. Over 300,000 users currently on our platform.

  • Recruitment Testing Platform

    A revolutionary platform which drastically cuts down the time and cost for large-scale recruitment. Our specialized software, iLiftOff, has over 125 custom built online tests spanning fields like technology, finance, marketing, law, general aptitude, IQ etc. Test scores and analytics help companies shortlist candidates for further rounds and interviews. Over 1 million tests have been conducted.


  • The Fluid Motion

    Tomorrow’s touchless computing is here today. Explore a world of immersive interactive experiences with devices through gestures, movement and voice recognition technology. Complete close-range and far-range gesture based solutions available for corporate offices, conference rooms, hotels and events. Unlock the possibilities of the future.



Comprehensive Solutions for Government entities worldwide
Specialized document management and workflow software
Provides a unified platform that can support millions of users simultaneously
Cloud based and on-site support
Over 10 million users of our Trutech Solution for Governments

Dynamic portal that provides your client the latest market info
Customized document archiving and business process flow software
Complete administration of the organization on our online platform
Community software allowing for members to share, discuss and interact with each other online
Comprehensive system for online training courses

Online platform for complete administration of Schools, Colleges and Institutes
Individual online accounts for students, teachers and parents
Features multiple modules like Email, SMS, Admissions, Attendance, Tests, Worksheets, Teacher surveys, Interactive website, Alumni portal
Easy and quick integration with existing website

Easy-to-use online recruitment testing for shortlisting applicants for various job profiles
Specialized tests in various fields such as Technology, Finance, Marketing, Law, General Aptitude
Creation of custom content
Preparation material, practice tests and online tutorial videos
Detailed reports and shortlisting of candidates based on different criteria
More than 1 million tests taken on our platform
The Fluid Motion

Tomorrow's touchless computing is here today
Explore how to bring immersive, interactive experiences to computing through voice, movement and gesture recognition technology
Features Include Communication, Testing, Administration
Clients & Events
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